Fruits and Vegetables

Schulz delivers a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Our suppliers are among the best and only sell quality products, whether in season or out of season. Smart climate controlled logistics guarantee delivery of fresh products onboard. Further Schulz Rijnvaart provides a variety of deep frozen fruits and vegetables and canned products.

Meat, breakfast meat, poultry and game

Schulz is working together with Kaldenberg Butchers and deliveries are in accordance with HACCP standards. We guarantee an international choice of products and can supply, for example, the best South American tender loin steak portioned according to our clients wishes. We can also deliver pre-cut and pre-sliced (breakfast and sandwich) meat and different kinds of sausages.

Cheese and Dairy Products

Schulz is a supplier of more than 50 types of Dutch and foreign cheese products. We supply a large variety of dairy products either fresh or long life.


Fish and fish products will be delivered in excellent condition. Our suppliers are HACCP-certified and are active in making the product traceable from catch to deliver. Our choice of products is varied, but every customer can order their own specialty. Orders are also portioned according to our clients wishes.

Bread and Pastry

A large variety of international bread and bread specialties are freshly baked. Our choice of deep frozen products is excellent. In addition to all types of bread, for example, petits pains and croissants, many types of deep frozen pies and cakes are available. Schulz supplies all types of cookies, candy and chocolates, sugar free cookies and chocolates included.

Soup, Sauces, Pudding and Dessert Sauces

Schulz Rijnvaart supplies of all major brands of soups and sauces for the professional kitchen. The professional cook of today cannot do without a good base for bouillon, broth, ragout etc. Also professional dessert products can be delivered from our stocks.

Deep Frozen Products

In addition to the more traditional items like ice-cream, snacks, potato products, fruits and vegetables, we can provide a large variety of professional ready made products and semi ready made products. Schulz supplies the famous products of the Indonesian cuisine (Dutch colonial food).


All kinds of herbs and spices are available and delivered from stock. We supply an assortment of margarine and oil in different packages and sizes. Good coffee and tea are important for an enjoyable stay in a hotel. In addition to providing excellent quality and great variety of choice we can offer advice in finding the right coffee machine and assist in correct cleaning procedures.